320gb-drive copied but no data in folder

I copied my second 320gb-drive to my Le Book Essential 1 TB in a programmed folder. no data could be seen from the beginning, at the end space was occupied but no data can be seen at all. Crazy if WD is offering a crippled software and which does not alert if wrong drives are used. I have read that only system-drives can be copied. do you think its logical to use multiple software for backups? It took multiple hours on my slow pc. next time i will remove the drive from the case and connect to sata-channel. And: Maybe shutting down monitor manually stopped backup-procedure. Observed multiple hours later…Or maybe its in the energy options?

But is the my book not recognized at all or just your information is not seen? Have you tried enabling the “show hidden files and folders option”?

I was using the program on the drive. so all data copied from wd can be seen plus the folder i created and saved. but its empty. yes every directory made visible. I am now on a seperate drive, Le book not yet installed properly must restart now. I have read somewhere than only systemdrive can be copied with crippled smartdrive. not very smart…

Afte checking drive i deleted it. then recreated a destination directory(dont know the right translation for Abrufordner(german). Now its copying and i see this empty directroy(like first round) but i also see a second directory called WDSmartware.swstor filling up my data. Backup stopped during my absence after multiple hours. the same way like on first round. Cancel, repeat and go-on-window popped up stopping the procedure. I am unwilling checking the whole procedure from time to time. It must work automatically. i only have the screen-shutdown mechanisme in action.

All data copied but not into the directory i have created. What was wrong? Next i want to copy a second drive to a second directory. How is this done? I dont want to copy two seperate drive to the same directory.