31652 - Failed to generate code for your mobile device

Please can anyone assist me.

I have an Ipad that works fine with WD Photos (with Twonky server).

All my photos I can see.

Now I want to put WD Photos onto another Ipad, but I only get this error when clicking the button ‘Get code’:

31652 - Failed to generate code for your mobile device. Please make sure you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again.

Why does the first Ipad work and the 2nd not ?

Both are Ipads 2.

Network configuration is set okay (otherwise the 1st Ipad wouldn’t work as well I guess).

Latest firmware is installed.


Also, have you tried resetting the MBL? and what firmware are you running on the unit?

Make sure that the ipads are not showing with the same name on the MBL.

Yes, the MBL has been reset.
The firmware version is: Version:MyBookLive 02.42.02-012 : Core F/W
The ipads both have different names.
Tkx for your reply.


What iOs version are you running on the new iPad?

Have you tried reinstalling the WD Photo application?

Both ipads run on ios7.
Reinstall does not solve the problem.


If your iPad and MyBookLive are in the same n/w. WD Photos and WD My cloud apps should be able to auto discover your My Book Live and display it under ‘Found in network’.  By tapping + (plus sign), MBL will be be automatically added to the devices screen. This is another option to add your device with out generating  the code. Have you tried this option too?



In addition, please make sure the ethernet cable is properly connected between your MyBookLive  and Router.