31229 - The Netmask is not contiguous and cannot be used

I’m trying to setup MyBookLive on my network, DHCP works fine, however when I try to set it to static IP with subnet mask of I receive the error: [31229 - The Netmask is not contiguous and cannot be used.]

I was able to work around this issue by adding a static IP address mapping to the MAC address on my DHCP server on PfSense. And keeping the MyBookLive on DHCP assigned settings.

Like most people i’m immediately regretting purchasing the MyBookLive, due to the lack of actual backup features. however I am going to try and stick with it since Ive heard a few open source projects are coming out soon to overwrite the OEM firmware with a more function linux system.

Can you give more information about this open source project to replace the OEM firmware.  Like web links, etc…