30EZRX external enclosure

Hi, Everyone:

I am trying to install a 30EZRX as an external USB drive, but the Vantec SATA 6G USB adapter I have (that’s supposedly 3TB compatible) is very inconsistent seeing the drive.  Yes, I know - I should’ve just spend the extra money and bought the extrnal version of this drive from WD, but I’m stuck with what I have.

Could somebody let me know which encosures/USB adapters they’ve had success with?  (Windows 7 x64)?

Thanks so much!


A friend of mine has the one on the link below and it work great for him. 


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Cool, I will check it out!

You get kudos now, but the accepted solution will have to wait until I try it out.  :wink:

You rock!

Small con: no vents = runs pretty hot!  (50C)