300g VelociRaptor not Auto-Detecting when set to RAID mode in BIOS

I have been using my WDC WD3000HLFS-01G6U1 (300g VelociRaptor sata drive) for almost a year as a normal drive to hold my OS and some programs. I have recently decided to acquire 4x1.5TB HDDs to set up a separate RAID array. I have hooked up all 4 HDDS, however when I change the BIOS setting from IDE to RAID the POST will get stuck at Auto-Detecting sata (whichever sata port my current OS drive is in) All 4 of my new drives will auto detect fine if they come before my VelicoRaptor - but once it reaches this drive it will not boot past this point. (I then have to unplug the drive, revert the setting back to IDE to be able to boot from my VelociRaptor again. The only conclusion I can come to is there is a hardware fault with my VelociRaptor - however I have had no issues with it up to now & it currently works completely fine aside from this one issue. I have a P5Q SE/R motherboard with 6 sata ports all on the same bridge I’ve tried different cables & different ports (the other 4 drives work fine with all cables/ports, VelociRaptor has no change) Any ideas/suggestions/assistance would be appreciated :smiley:

HI there, now this is something very specific…

Try to contact the user fzabkar, he may be able to bring you some light.