30000 - Unknown Error. Network Problem

I tried to click on the Remote Access tab, then on Mobile Access, then Add Access and it gives the error below:

30000 - Unknown error. Please ensure you are not facing network connectivity issues and try again. (save_mobileaccess_403).

I am using firmware 02.10.09-124: Core F/W

I cannot even register my product which give me similar error.

Connection to internet is working fine and I can access websites using Google Chrome. Access to Mybook Live is fine too, as I can read and write into it. What is the problem? Thanks in advance.

missing gateway on the MBL?

Did you update the FW via the GUI of MBL or manually?

rockstar_DA…TQ TQ TQ… I keyed in the gateway addres and voila. Everything works great. Thanks. I initially wanted to set the MBL network address to a static once, and so since the gateway is not a required field, did not put that in. Therefore, I updated the firmward manually since I can’t connect to internet. Thanks a million.

you are welcome!