30 file/folder remote display limit?

I’ve recently migrated a TB of data to a My Cloud Mirror Gen2 8TB device in a Windows 8.1. environment. I’m on the road and accessing the data remotely. I notice there appears to be a 30 file/folder display limitation for the Public folder (or any other level down). Scrolling down does not load the next 30 files/folders in the browser display. This is a problem for those of us who have a lot of legacy data in the Windows environment where we use many folders at each directory level to organize data.

Is anyone else seeing this remote display limitation? Am I missing the “Load the next 30 files/folders” button?

Hi cservin ,

Have you tried it on any other web browser?

Hi Peter.g,

I had not. I was using Chrome when I got the non-scrolling behavior. I have now tried it with the Firefox 54.0.1 (32-bit) browser and it works just fine! Yay! Thanks!

I have now figured out a work-around for the 30 file/folder remote display limitation. Although the Firefox browser initially overcame the 30 file/folder limitation, it soon began exhibiting the same undesirable behavior.

So I tried a third browser, the unloved Internet Explorer. IE worked fine. It did not seem to have the 30 file/folder limitation. I also noted that the zoom level of IE was different by default than Chrome and Firefox. So I went back to Chrome, adjusted the browser zoom level from 100% to 80% and, viola!, no more limitation issue. Same with Firefox.

So the work-around for the 30 file/folder limitation is to adjust the browser zoom level. 90% didn’t seem to be enough to fix the issue, but going from 100% to 80% did correct the issue. Interesting bug.

Hi cservin ,

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I found the entire explanation :

Only Windows 10 + Chrome/Firefox/Opera can’t see more than 30 items by pages.
It’s due to Microsoft Windows display Zoom

If, like me, you selected 125% instead of 100%, you should get the issue ! So you should use the 80% zoom level in Chrome/Firefox/Opera.

So to complete this workaround :
Either you set to 80% the navigator zoom level, or you set the 100% zoom level in the Microsoft Windows settings/Display/Scale and layout

Anyway, since it is a main feature of myCloud, I beleive that WD should take care about this issue and try to be compatible with the Microsoft zoom feature !
How should you do if you have to share more than 30 files with anyone who does not know this fix ? You will have to explain every time you share a folder ? From my point of view, it’s not beautiful work, it’s hack…