3 years - The pause BUG is still here!

Hello WD!

I loved WD TV Live features and I bought it without esitation to replace my older Emtec V800H unit…

I upgraded to latest firmware 1.13.18 but I really disappointed with the freezing problem I got after more or less 20 minutes watching ANY KIND OF MOVIE FILE (streaming or USB).

If I pause the movie, it keeps running in the background… I got a message “Unable to play the selected file”, but it still keeps on running in the background. Impossible to stop until I turn off the unit.

It is ridicolous you are ignoring this problem. You already have undreds of posts here about this issue…

Please stop it! You have to solve it!

It is like the firmware playing process splits in two… One thread keeps on playing the file, the second thread manages the menu, with the playing in the background… If you select again to play a video, you get the former video playing, with the orange arrow turning in the middle of the screen…

SOLVE IT! Please!

Huh?? 3 years? The product isn’t even one and a half years old. It started shipping in October 2011.

Hundreds of posts? Where?

If there are hundreds of posts, how come you’re the first one reporting it just a few days ago?

Thats not the device its very likely your network thats causing the issue.

I have never run into this and i play alot of stuff in many different formats.

I have the lastest SMP with firmware and it happened to me a couple of times   :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my WD TV Live SMP but it does have some issues   :frowning:

It isn’t the network, just files off a flash drive…

There are posts about this problem dated 2010… Maybe even WD Live generation 2 were suffering this SOFTWARE BUG.

It’s not a network related problem, since it happens also playing files from a USB hard disk…

After 20 or 30 minutes, impossible to pause, impossible to access the “options” … the playing keeps going in the background… The only option you have to stop it is to shut down the device…

It appears the playing process detaches from the command interface and goes on by itself…

Make a search on this community on “pause bug” and you will see…

Its not that we are saying you aren’t having a problem which you clearly are but rather its not the smp that’s the issue.

Older firmware’s did have wireless connection issues but they tended to be reconnecting lockups rather then drops.

What’s your modem/router and media server setup?

Maybe we can get to the bottom of the problem.

Falchettogiallo wrote:


It’s not a network related problem, since it happens also playing files from a USB hard disk…

I understand you’re saying it’s happening via USB, but IF it’s attached to the network, try disconnecting it from the network and see if the problem remains.

All I can say is that I have never seen this issue…  it’s not unusual for me to leave something paused, forget about it, and come back after several days and it still will work normally.

…and when your household is as full of kids as mine is, pausing REPEATEDLY throughout a long movie is the norm – and I’ve just not seen this happen.