3 x PLAY TVs crashing

I have 3 x WD PLAY TVs that all have just started crashing, and hanging on loading. I also noticed that they are quite hot too. DO you think its the latest firmware update? its coincidental. These units have been working quite happily for years. For them to go all at the same time…hmm. also 1 of them was in a different location.

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If you mean or have the player pictured below … then you’re in the wrong forum

And, also … the WDTV Play was pretty much Discontinued and made Obsolete in the record time of about 12 months after release ! :open_mouth:

Great non-answer.

Mine all started freezing up on the LOADING screen yesterday too. WTF?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I have 3 different WD TVs and they ALL stopped working yesterday. Still one of the best devices for accessing a home media server (Serviio.) I dont care that they are old, I just need them to hit my DLNA/UPnP server and now they dont. Was hoping the smart people of the forums would provide an answer.

Ricky -

Try this LINK

It worked for me just now.