3 x 8 Thumbnail Gallery View (XML inside)

Hi Guys

I posted a few weeks back about getting as many thumbnails as possible on to one page in the Gallery view, and I’ve been experimenting with it ever since.

The Hub hates 9 or 10 thumbnails on a line (navigating slows down to unusable speed), so I had to settle on 8.  In doing that, a 4th row was out of the question due to vertical space. So, I landed on a comfortable compromise of 3 x 8 thumbnails per page.

The navigation speeds are obviously a touch slower, but you can rapidly tap across 3-4 times before a pause, then 3-4 times again.  If you’re just casually navigating, you won’t notice any lag.

This is a bare bones gallery for those who don’t want a completely new theme and don’t particularly care for all the actor/director/runtime stuff from the XML. You navigate to a thumbnail, the titlle displays at the top of the page and that’s it. Click on it and you’re off!


I made up a new background for my own purposes, but you can edit the image link in the XML to point to whatever background you like.

Hope others enjoy it if they’re seeking a no-frills set up.

Cut and paste the XML below, save it as rv_gallery_browse_page.xml and upload it into your theme folder.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<page background="./image/BL-BG.jpg">

        <include filename="./rv_multi_edit_ctrls.xml"/>
        <include filename="./rv_browse_common_ctrls.xml"/>
        <listbox valkey="browselist" move="row" cols="8" rows="3" lbmask="ud" hormove="1" loop_scroll="1" autoenter="1"/>

<text x="155" y="120" w="970" h="42" text="@@browse_text" fontsize="28" textcolor="0xffffff" align="hcenter" speed="1" delay="2"/>

<image image="@@metadata_left_arrow" x="57" y="338" w="39" h="53" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100"/>
<image image="@@metadata_right_arrow" x="1180" y="338" w="39" h="53" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100"/>

<widgetghost valkey="marquee" x="29" y="168" w="1226" h="386" ctrlname="browselist" step="20">

<!--thumbnail -->
<wrapper w="100" h="145" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100" selected_scale="100" >
    <image name="th0" image="@@browse_0_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_0" x="170" y="175"/>
    <image name="th1" image="@@browse_1_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_1" x="285" y="175"/>
    <image name="th2" image="@@browse_2_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_2" x="400" y="175" />
    <image name="th3" image="@@browse_3_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_3" x="515" y="175" />
    <image name="th4" image="@@browse_4_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_4" x="630" y="175" />
    <image name="th5" image="@@browse_5_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_5" x="745" y="175" />
    <image name="th6" image="@@browse_6_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_6" x="860" y="175" />
    <image name="th7" image="@@browse_7_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_7" x="975" y="175" />

    <image name="th8" image="@@browse_8_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_8" x="170" y="330"/>
    <image name="th9" image="@@browse_9_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_9" x="285" y="330"/>
    <image name="th10" image="@@browse_10_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_10" x="400" y="330" />
    <image name="th11" image="@@browse_11_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_11" x="515" y="330" />
    <image name="th12" image="@@browse_12_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_12" x="630" y="330" />
    <image name="th13" image="@@browse_13_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_13" x="745" y="330" />
    <image name="th14" image="@@browse_14_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_14" x="860" y="330" />
    <image name="th15" image="@@browse_15_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_15" x="975" y="330" />

    <image name="th16" image="@@browse_16_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_16" x="170" y="485"/>
    <image name="th17" image="@@browse_17_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_17" x="285" y="485"/>
    <image name="th18" image="@@browse_18_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_18" x="400" y="485" />
    <image name="th19" image="@@browse_19_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_19" x="515" y="485" />
    <image name="th20" image="@@browse_20_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_20" x="630" y="485" />
    <image name="th21" image="@@browse_21_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_21" x="745" y="485" />
    <image name="th22" image="@@browse_22_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_22" x="860" y="485" />
    <image name="th23" image="@@browse_23_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_23" x="975" y="485" />


<!--focus -->
<wrapper w="110" h="155" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100">
    <image image="@@frame_0" x="165" y="172"/>
    <image image="@@frame_1" x="280" y="172"/>
    <image image="@@frame_2" x="395" y="172"/>
    <image image="@@frame_3" x="510" y="172"/>
    <image image="@@frame_4" x="625" y="172"/>
    <image image="@@frame_5" x="740" y="172"/>
    <image image="@@frame_6" x="855" y="172"/>
    <image image="@@frame_7" x="970" y="172"/>

    <image image="@@frame_8" x="165" y="325"/>
    <image image="@@frame_9" x="280" y="325"/>
    <image image="@@frame_10" x="395" y="325"/>
    <image image="@@frame_11" x="510" y="325"/>
    <image image="@@frame_12" x="625" y="325"/>
    <image image="@@frame_13" x="740" y="325"/>
    <image image="@@frame_14" x="855" y="325"/>
    <image image="@@frame_15" x="970" y="325"/>

    <image image="@@frame_16" x="165" y="480"/>
    <image image="@@frame_17" x="280" y="480"/>
    <image image="@@frame_18" x="395" y="480"/>
    <image image="@@frame_19" x="510" y="480"/>
    <image image="@@frame_20" x="625" y="480"/>
    <image image="@@frame_21" x="740" y="480"/>
    <image image="@@frame_22" x="855" y="480"/>
    <image image="@@frame_23" x="970" y="480"/>


<image image="@@bg-PIP_ZOOM" x="620" y="250" w="49" h="42" disable="@@disable-PIP_ZOOM" active="@@act-PIP_ZOOM"/>
<image image="@@play_stat" x="787" y="406" w="35" h="40"/>
<image image="@@speed_stat" x="823" y="414" w="39" h="21"/>

<text x="450" y="160" w="372" h="26" text="@@text-options" fontsize="24" textcolor="0x07b5ff" align="hcenter" disable="@@disable-text-options"/>
<include filename="./rv_multi_edit_widgets_for_gallery.xml"/>
<include filename="./rv_browse_common_widgets_new.xml"/>
<include filename="./inc_loading.xml"/>
<include filename="./decoration.xml"/>

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