3 WD4000F9YZ and 1 WD4000FYYZ for NAS - okay?

Good afternoon everyone,

I ordered 4 WD4000F9YZ (WD SE) drives for my Lenovo ix4-300d NAS, but one of the drives delivered was a WD4000FYYZ (WD RE) drive.

I know with an NAS, the drives are highly recommended to be identical in case of an issue (I’ll be running RAID 10, fyi)…

I guess my question is - will this slight difference be okay or should I go through the process of exchanging the one drive for the one originally ordered?

Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts.


Hi, you can use the NAS with the internal drives in JBOD mode. However, if you are going to be setting the device under RAID mode, the internal drives must all be the same models.

Good afternoon and thank you for the reply,

That wasn’t really what I wanted to hear - but I knew that was the answer… Thanks for confirming what I suspected was the case.

Have a great evening and a wonderful weekend ahead!