3 WD TV Live Streaming units

Hello All,

I have 3 WD TV Live Streaming units running on my home network reading a 4TB My Book Duo Live.  One WD live reads the MBL fine and playback movies great.  The other two barely connnect to MBL via Window Share or Media Server.  I tried everything to get the other two to read the MBL continually and nothing.  I’m looking for any advice I can get. 


3 WD TV Live Streaming (firmware upgraded) each receive IP address

1 MBL (firmware upgraded) has IP address

Linksys E3000 router (firmware upgraded)

Using Devolo power line adapters for my network


All three are uniquely named, right?


I have a similiar set up with 3 x MYL (3TB ea) and 2 x SMP, talking via a Netcome N750 Gigabit Router. All works fine, but you need to name SMP differently (e.g SMP_Theatre, SMP_Kids) and also the MBL (NAS_01, NAS_02 and NAS_03).

Be warned that a single MBL can feed 2 x MT2S files (Full HD Blyray Movies) simutaneously but runs out of bandwidth stream a third MT2S file.

Cheers LB

Yes, I have each WDTV Live named differently and my 4TB MBL.  My living room model reads the MBL perfectly without much delay.  When I switch to my kids room each WDTV is hit or miss on connecting to Media Server or Window Share.  When they do find either they start a mkv or avi file and stutter without audio or not at all.  I factory reset one  of the WDTV live to see if the problem corrected but nothing. 

Excuse my ignorance but what is SMP.

Thank you for helping me troubleshoot my hardware.

//Excuse my ignorance but what is SMP

SMP is an abbreviation used for the Streaming Media Player = WD TV LIve Streaming Unit.

I suggest its a Network issue. Are the SMP wired or wireless connection. What you decribe suggests wireless streaming of HD material which I find is patchy at best. If they are wired Network, then make sure you have the system on at leat a 100MB but preferably a gigabit LAN.

Cheers LB

Thanks for clarification on SMP.

I’m using Devolo powerline network adapters vs. wifi.  I too thought the same and believed wireless would be patchy.  Now according to my Develos powerline adapters which are rated at 200 megabytes a second on average each adapter is reading 100MBS.  I would think thats sufficent.  The one is working great the other two barely read media server or windows shares connnection to MBL. 

Again thanks for all the assistance.