3 terabyte drives?

I am wanting to get one of these. I saw the wd live firmware released just now and seen it supports this. My question is the hub able to utilize all the space like the live player already or not? Sorry just got my hub a few days ago and search showed a 2009 or was it 2010 last time posting on this. I figured a year now and they’d have it fixed.

The next Hub update should address this issue, although I’m just basing that off the fact they resolved it for the Live and it seems a no-brainer that they’d include it in the next Hub release.

No ETA on when the Next Hub firmware is coming though.

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It wouldn’t have been 2009… 3TB drives didn’t start hitting the market until around July 2010 and the Hub wasn’t released until late 2010. :wink:

As PixelPower says, it seems almost certain the next Hub firmware will include this patch.

The only question (which WD never answers) is when is the next one coming.  The last set of FW updates if I remember correctly, the Hub was about 2 weeks behind the LivePlus, but that’s absolutely meaningless as a statistic.  It would depend on what Hub issues are being dealt with, as to how long it will take for the Hub firmware to be ready for release.  It could be tomorrow, or it could be quite some time yet.

All we can do is be patient… when it’s released, we’ll know it’s ready. :smiley:

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