3 TB WD30EZRX only 746GB found

Dell L702X laptop Windows 7 64 bit all drivers up to date according to Dell.

Using 3TB as external USB drive when I plugged it in and went Disk Management it only showed 746GB.

I formatted and unallocated several times but no difference. Used Gparted per instructions no difference.

WD Partition software will not recognize the drive.

I use several 2TB WD drives with no trouble.

I have the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technologies and it does not see the drive at all.

Any help?

Hi you need to contact the people that made the external enclosure and see if it supports a 3 TB drive. In most cases when it shows 746 GB it is a limitation of the bios or in your case the external enclosure.

Thanks for the reply. I checked and the BlackX Thermaltake says it works with ALL size drives. It works great with 2TB WD drives I have.

Hi yes it may work OK with a 2tb drive but going to 3tb is different, this is what I have on the 746 gig problem… Note that if a 3TB drive is detected as 746GB or 2TiB, then that is a different problem, possibly a 32-bit limitation in the OS or BIOS, or in the driver for the motherboard chipset or SATA controller, or a 32-bit limitation of the firmware in an external enclosure. If that does not solve the problem by updating bios or sata controller then give it a bit and see if another person replies. Sorry but that is about all i have on that problem. I see the blacx was released in 2010 before 3tb drive’s, and on there site atm no links work to the manual or setup link. They say Hard Drives in ALL Capacities I would contact them to be sure and see if there is a firmware update.