3 TB MyBook Essential External Drive's password lost

I changed the password on my MyBook Essential External Drive a while ago. As I wanted to use it again, it didn’t accept the password I entered. The password I choose was 64 characters long, does anybody how many characters MyBook accepts as a password? If I know it, maybe I can cut down the password to allowed lenght and it may accept it. This is important for me. Any help is deeply appreciated.

If I can’t recover the password and have to delete the drive with the WD Smartware software, would I be able to recover the data with a Data Recovery Software?

No the data is encrypted. I have no idea what the maximum password length. There is no reset available either.


I really want to congratulate the geniuses at Western Digital who tought to remove the reset button/pinhole.

If I wanted a military standard, really uncrackable harddrive, I would have bought that. Older versions of MyBook are easily resetted with a paper clip.

On my current MyBook Essential version is a small slot on the front with a “lock” icon on it. I don’t know what that is, but I hope it’s some kind of lock/unlock or reset button.



I read this forum and searched the internet for a reset option. There is for almost every model a reset button, but not for this one? I can’t believe that. (or rather I don’t want to) If anybody was able to reset their password on the WD MyBook Essential model, please contact me and reply here.

I’m still looking for a solution, but there seems to be none. I assume that every commercial IT product (sotware or hardware) has a backdoor intentionally put there by the manufacturer. WD won’t probably reveal this backdoor to me. Wish I had some friends over at the NSA. :smileyvery-happy: One phone call to WD and oh-la-la my harddrive is unlocked. :wink:

I’m with you on that.  I’ve been trying ot figure out how to CHANGE my password hoping to leave it blank to get rid of the unlock crapware.  And I cannot even find a way to do *that*.  I’d hate to see how someone who is less tech savvy than myself would feel trying to do this.