3 Seconds of mp3 playback on Windows Media Player

Very odd, and strange I seem to be the first to run into this - there doesn’t look to be another thread in the knowledgebase or community…

Have the drive set up, and right now accessing it on a WIFI desktop in the home.

The WD mp3 player has no problem - but not an ideal player for my uses.

Window CLASSIC player works fine - but not my preference.

But here’s the kicker -

Windows Media Player only plays 2-3 seconds of any mp3 file before crapping out. Play a stack of 'em, and it’ll play about 2 seconds of each, and move on to the next. The same tracks play fine through the other players, so it’s not a file or reception problem.

“Allow Remote Control of my Player” and “Automatically Allow Devices to Play My Media” are both checked in WMPs streaming options.

I like WMP because it allows me to stack tracks on the fly without creating and saving a playlist; “Add to Player List,” and it just ques up as the next song - no muss or fuss. Does anybody either have a fix for this, or can point me to another mp3 player with that critical on-the-fly queing that will work with MyCloud?

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I use WinAMP instead of Windows Media Player and have no issues playing MP3 files off my shares.

Thanks, Trancer - WinAMP is a old favorite; been away from it for a while. Let me go install it, see if I can get that on-the-fly queing going, and I’ll be back to give it a thumbs-up. Thanks for the reply!

You may want to check this info out about Winamp.


Winamp Web Site

I am glad to hear that it is coming back because I liked it too.

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