3 Questions on WD Mybook Live Security

I recently got a WD Mybook Live, and I have 3 questions, regarding using it (on my Macbook Pro)

  1. When I don’t log in, I can see the contents of all folders on the drive, (even the ones I set up from my windows machine)

However when I log in as admin (which I believe has full permission) I can see _almost_ all folders. However I cannot see the contents of my “movies” folder (I can see “movies” but when I try to drill down into it, it tells me I don’t have permission). Obviously the permissions on this folder are different, but how do I change that, and why am I restricted as admin but not when I just navigate to that folder without logging in to the drive?

  1. If I remove the password from my admin user, does that mean anyone driving by can log in? Or just anyone in my house?

  2. There is a device showing in my Finder window called MyBookLive-backup. I cannot access this, log in to it or anything - it just seems like a disembodied name. Is there any way I can access this???

  1. You must access the MBL UI and verify that the user Admin has access to your Movies folder.  

  2. The Admin password may not be removed since then anyone could access and change your MBL settings.  

  3. MyBookLive-backup comes preset to be used exclusively by Time Machine, and cannot be accessed manually.