3 questions in one!

Hello forum,

This is my first post, sorry its a multitude of questions!

I’ll start with a bit of background, I have a mybookworld world edition, its the one with a white light on the front. It was originally purchased for backing up my business files before I discovered its use for storing media (such as music) so the whole family could access it.  There are two computers that have previously accessed the network drive, a mac and a laptop running windows 7.

Yesterday I installed a new router.

The laptop running windows 7 is where the backups are run from, they were running automatically and successfully until yesterday, it has not worked at any point with the new router.

The Mac has managed to access it since the change of router, however now I can not access it at all, it is no longer in the finder.

Furthermore, is there a way to find out the ip address of the device so I can log into it?

Can anyone help with any of these problems?

thanks in advance,


In answer to the question of where to find the IP address - there are two places to find it.

First look on the router configuration pages - there should be one that lists attached devices - and you should see the MBWE listed there. I have a Netgear 834G router and thsi was the way I checked that the MBWE was actually on the network as WD discovery just couldn’t see it.

Second - look in the configuration pages of MBWE - you should be able to access the MBWE pages by typing in the IP address you found in the router. (Which is how I first got to the login menu and config pages without WD discovery) Or it should work by typing http://MyWorldBook in the browser address bar. The info is buried in the user manual near the end. The IP address you find will be the one the MBWE has - different to the one in the router (at that was the case for me).

I ended up setting the router to assign a static IP address so that MWBE would always be assigned the same IP on the router and then went and changed from DHCP to static address in MWBE - setting it to match the address in the router and carefully copying in the default setting fro the Gateway and DNS server (and I don’t understand half of how it all works). I did this because of reading of the ‘disappearing drive’ and guessing it was because fo changng assignments to IP addresses.

Hope this helps.