3 months had no wd Gen 2 firmware ....?

other media players sold in the market; month while removing the firmware 2-3…     wd of Gen2 was 3 months, yet did not quit…    I do not work good after-sales service…     My friend also has asus o’play.    

2 firmware took out a month.      

solve these problems no longer a firmware CONTACT remove the;        not one more message hereon the remote co

  1. on the remote control keys do not work when playing movie characters include; zoom, movie information, slow play, etc… 
  2.       wmv hd codec support … s often does not play, please
    3-dvd and bluray iso no menu … probably correct, please

yes, they abandoned their half-made product…never again WD ■■■■ in my house…of any kind