3 hdd failed in an array


there is 3 hard drives failed in my areca stiorage with raid 6 and the one of the logical drive is not accessible

any solution can suggest to get the data
the manufaturer didi everything and suggesting next option as data recovery

one data recovery team asking me too much money for recovery

what is the best can suggest

  1. physical dta recovery ?
  2. logical drive repaire ?

please help

There is no help, when no backups were made: rule of thumb is to have at least two verified backups almost always.

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do you know y HArd disks are getting failed frequently

any solution or any option to find what is the reason of it ?

Only the producer has enough statistical knowledge for finding any reason.

As customer one can rely on the producer within the period of warranty. On frequent or too early failours outside of that period one has to decide whether one renews the product within that period or tries to buy a prolongation of that period.

Because the drives in a RAID array are all used with similar intensity, they tend to fail in quick succession. To break this succession one has several options. As stated above one is to replace them early and all together. Another is to replace single drives in a round robin fashion every year … etc.