3 different backgrounds when viewing movie info!

Hi all…new WDTV Live SMP owner here trying to get to grips with things.

I’ve selected my NAS drive as source in the SMP via Windows Share and I’ve been reading umpteen guides etc on various sites today…so many in fact, my head is spinning :neutral_face:

I’ve installed the Mojo theme onto my SMP and followed Tinwarble’s ThumbGen Tutorial and added the Mojo Glass Moviesheet 2 template to ThumbGen.

Everything is looking good now that I’ve put each movie file into a folder with the same name (after initially having all my movies dumped in one ‘Movies’ folder). However there’s some odd behaviour when I view a movie’s info sheet; if I select a movie folder it initially displays the theme’s background for about 2 seconds, then a plain black background for another couple of secs, before finally showing the correct _sheet.jpg background!

It does this in every movie folder I view. If I change the main background picture to one of my own rather than the theme’s (in ‘Settings’ on the Home screen) it also initially shows that image first for a couple secs, the black image for 2 secs before showing the correct movie background!

Any ideas what’s happening here?

Thanks if you can help

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Everything is looking good now that I’ve put each movie file into a folder with the same name

Metadata (Plot,Actors,Genre text) and Backdrops will not display for Folders


If you go back to how you had it originally setup_ _ (after initially having all my movies dumped in one ‘Movies’ folder)

then it will work correctly.

P.S. I posted a similar reply to another person just yesterday


Hi Joey - thanks for the reply.

In the mojo theme I’m trying to use, the info _ is _ actually displayed when I select/click a movie folder once I’m actually inside that folder (but not in the view that shows me the film list I’m viewing, as you said…just ‘N/A’ for all the visible fields. Director, Year etc…)

See the pics below.

In the first one, I’m viewing a directory I’ve called ‘Kids Films’. You can see the different films in that folder, but as you scroll sideways through the list, there’s no info next to it’s thumb (not a biggie for me really - be nice if it worked, but hey!)

The issue I have is the delay from selecting one of the movies to actually displaying the correct movie background for it (the details of the movie are displayed instantly upon entering the movie folder - it’s just the fact that there’s the 4/5 secs it takes to get there…

After I selected the ‘Bolt’ movie, the result below eventually shows…


What can i say …

Metadata and Backdrops are NOT displayed for FOLDERS

Metadata (TEXT) for FILES is Displayed Instantly … The BACKDROPS for FILES take 2-3 Seconds to Display

(this is NORMAL)

No, there is NO WAY TO SPEED THIS UP … unless you use “Linksheets”  (Search the Forum … more complicated (mojo does not support Linksheets unless you edit the theme xml code)

Just noticed … You’re posting in the WRONG forum  (this forum is for the OLD WDTV Live / Plus)


Try Here:


Sorry for the nOObiness Joey…I see what you mean about displaying the info now  :wink:

I’ve taken all the test files out of their indivdual folders and put them all  together in one ‘Kids Movies’ folder …looks good.

When you say it’s ‘normal’ for the backdrops to take 2-3secs to display, mine takes more like 4-5secs! What makes it more annoying is there are the three transitions it goes through…theme backdrop, plain black backdrop…then finally the movie backdrop.

If I never got the black one in the sequence, it’d be fine.

I’ve even made a black ‘user backdrop’ and it looks ‘ok’ in the movie gallery view (because it’s an all-black delay untill the movie sheet shows)…but the Home screen etc looks awful :cry:

(sorry about posting on the wrong board too…)

To stop the “Transitions” the Backdrop display is controlled by “Photo Settings”

Setup > Photo Settings > Slideshow Interval Time > 5 Minutes

Quote: "theme backdrop, plain black backdrop…then finally the movie backdrop"

Sounds like you messed up Thumbgen Settings

Check your generated movie xml … open it with notepad and scroll down to the bottom and you will see…


The Dark Knight Rises_sheet.jpg

This should be the 1st tag that loads after a few seconds (after the black screen)

Watch Tinwarbles Video Demo on Youtube for an idea of what should be happening