3,7gb file 3.25 hrs download about right?


I sent the link by email to a client of a video which ran 2hs 40 min and weighted in at 3.7gb. They report it took 3 hrs 15 minutes to download. I’ve got fibre optic for the upload and they have cable for download so pretty good connections both.

Does the time frame sound like it’s in the ballpark?




Does make sense now when I consider that it will stream video more or less real time

Hi halfpipe, what upload speed do you have and what download speed your client has? It all depends on those two conditions. 

The time it took to download is in the general timeframe of what a live streaming would be so it’s realtime speed

Hi again, do you know an approximate for your transfer rate in mbps (Megabits per second)? 

@ halfpipe. Have you tried using a direct cable to it?

3.7gb in 3.5hours is something like 2.5mbit in upload, a very good connection speed, right?