3.5 MB/sec transfer speeds via USB2.0 on My Book Essential 1.5TB

I understand USB2.0 should max out at 480 mbps which is about 60 MB/sec. I am averaging less than 4 MB/sec transfer speeds which make the drive virtually unuseable. It is the same when hooked up to two different computers. One is a newer Macbook running Windows 7 32-bit. The other is a desktop with an MSI K9N2GM Motherboard with the newest firmware update and the newest driverset for the nVidia chipset, running Windows 7 64-bit.

I do live in Japan so the power adapter is only running at 100v and 50hz instead of 110/120v and 60hz like in North America.

I’m tearing my hear out here. I have tried everything including trying different USB ports on both computers. Checked the BIOS for incorrect settings. Sometimes I can get it to work properly in the neighborhood of about 35-40 MB/sec transfer speeds, but it is very short-lived and quickly drops back down to 3-4 MB/sec.

Is my drive defective?

You could try using a different USB cable. Power is a big point for the drive to function properly.

found out I can get 25-35 MB / sec on my Macbook so the USB cable and the power must be okay.

it’s only on my desktop PC (win7, 64-bit) that I can’t get it to be faster than 3-4MB/sec. any other suggestions than try a different cable?

Other than a consistent voltage I have none because it appears to be an issue with that specific system bogging down on the Bus. Sometimes one system is a real princess with proper data transfer whereas the other can be the opposite of that. If the Windows system has an anti-virus you could see if disabling that opens the transfer pipe but past that it is unfortunately pretty system specific. Sorry.:neutral_face:

Try friend’s PC and see if problem exist.

Need to isolate problem to My Book Essential 1.5TB or your PC.

For your PC, try another USB port and make sure it runs in USB 2.0 mode (try another external drive).