3-4TB for Mac

I looking to buy an external drive, 3-4TB of storage that will work on a Mac. My problem at the moment is that there arent any solutions, using FW800, most use USB3 and Thunderbolt, or am i mistaking?


Here are some option that use FW800:

My Book Studio LX

My Book Studio

Check out this link for information about buying WD Drives.

Where to buy drives, drive accessories, and re-certified drives from WD 

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Thanx for the help, please let me know:

  1. in what way is the LX version superior to compared to the plain MyBookStudio?

  2. Are there any 4TB drives that i can use?

  3. Compared with this drive, what are the differences, apart the larger storage?

Thanx in advance

anyone around?


The Main difference between these two models will be the Customizable e-label on the Studio LX.

I dont understand what this “Customizable e-label on the Studio LX” actually does!