3.10.09 firmware problems - roll back sorted it out

Upgraded my Firmware at the weekend to the new 3.10.09 - i had nothing but problems when doing this!

HDMI kept flikering - had to downsize to 720p, then go into setting and put it back up to 1080p - have to do this everytime i turn on the box

Twonky server only sometimes works - Windows cannot find the mead server,  when it does, it is slow.  Also, cannot access twonky from the webpage…  Even a reboot doesnt solve this, had to do a factory reset…  Works until the unit is turned off, then when it is turned back on, have to reset again!

I rolled back to the previous version 3.09.18 and everything is working perfect again…

Anyone had these problems???

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I don’t have any of the problems you reported here, but have also had to roll-back to an earlier release (3.10.06) due to problems.  My WHS (windows home server V1) would not fast forward thru a movie.  Dropped back one version and it worked fine again.  I haven’t tried to go back up to 3.10.09 to “re-check” this issue.