3.09.18 . . . sigh

Thoughts on 3.09.18 - 

  • Still no resolution to long standing VOB cover art issue that began after 2.07.17 (which I am now rolling back to).

  • No external storage connected, yet I constantly receive the “Unable to build and save media library as the WD TV is unable to save data on the connected drive. Advanced features such as Sort & Filter will disabled” message.  Never had this issue previous to this update.

The connected drive might be referring to the internal drive.

Are you having any issues with the internal drive?

No issues with the internal drive to date.  Downgraded to 2.07.17 and the issue disappears. 

Thanks for the tip, I guess I’ll start with drive diagnostics.

Fixed the drive issue, but the cover art issue persists.

Upgraded to 3.10.09 and still have the same cover art problem.

Zodad I don´t think that DVD folder based cover art will never, ever, happen

Solved in 3.11.10!

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Thanks for sharing the good news :slight_smile: