3.06.14 File's "Sort" Icon Vanished

Since I’ve upgraded to 3.06.14 - I have noticed two major problems

1] Files 'Sorting" Icon has vanished  - i.e the green icon on the top right of screen (Home > Files All > ). Now only 2 icons are present (Select Source & Dashboard)

2] Strange active video dots/spikes are visible at various points of the Menu’s or while playback of any content (I am worried about this as it may lead to DEAD pixels on my LED TV)

Previous firmware was 3.05.10 & all was fine through the various updates during the past 19 months since I’ve been using the WDTV Live Hub. I have never performed a roll-back & I also went through the other post’s to see if anyone else reported a similar problem but did not come across anything.

  1.  The SORT / FILTER icon only appears if your content source is set to My Media Library.

  2.  If it’s dead pixels on the TV, other sources would also display them.

You can always roll back to the prior version to re-test…


Will try out your suggested solution in the morning (I just selected over 50 movies to be deleted from the WDTV internal drive … this process will take hours).

Let me also admit that I have never had to do any such thing - The SORT / FILTER icon only appears if your content source is set to My Media Library - in all the previous firmware upgrades.


How do I go about selecting - content source set to My Media Library … Please HELP (Woke up this morning and tried to search for this option so that the Search Icon - for Date/Alphabetical sorting would appear … but nothing’s changed)

The RED button.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

The RED button.

NOT the one on top left of remote, the other one…to the right of the GREEN button :slight_smile:

Followed all the steps as suggested by you > This is what I get when I “Select Source”

Local Storage

Media Server > No Storage Present  

Network Share

I am ending discussion here as my post in the Hub Issue Reporting section  is being tracked & other too are experiencing this problem, see  http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Hub-Issue-Reporting/Firmware-3-05-10-Local-Storage-not-recognized/idi-p/418326#M1494

That issue you linked has absolutely nothing in common with what you’re describing…  there’s nothing at all having to do with the Media Library in that issue.

If you do not see “My Media Library,” it’s because you have possible disabled your media library.

You need to go to SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY … and make sure it is ON.