3.03.13 takes long time to update media library

After installing 3.03.13 I noticed that “Compiling media library…” take much, much longer than 3.01.19

Are you experiencing the same issue?

I am thinking of going back to 3.01.19

Would like to hear from you guys if you are experiencing the same “compiling media library” issue taking a very long time to finish, after copying 5 to 10 GBs of new videos and photos.

Thanks for your feedback


ask yourself if you REALLY need the library!?!?

If your files are sorted properly by the file structure and you don use the “get content info” or rate your music and videos you can simply turn it off. It doesn’t take longer for me as in the previous versions but it annoys me the same amount since it accomplishes a nonsense order of music files and TV episodes… This library is the hands down the worst of it’s kind, it is logically broken and is at best at alpha testing stage. Why wouldn’t they add a sorting order Folder/Filename ?

Well :smileyvery-happy: sorry for the rant…

Turn it off and see if you still have everything you want…

Ah not that simple though…

If you want to use the “My Media Library” so that you can have all network shares in one place as well as internal storage, you have to have it on.