3.01.19 Firmware - nice Christmas present

I installed the 3.01.19 firmware yesterday and was pleasantly surprised.

  1. FLAC files are now listed and play in the correct order.

  2. The Media Library Manager for Network Shares finally makes the Media Library usable. I can add separate shares from different sources and the files will be combined into the Media Library. I can also manually rescan the shares, without having to clear the whole Library. This is how the Library should have been from the beginning.

  3. Being able to add folders from the file manager is also a nice touch.

The only issue I’ve found so far is that some of my .iso movies don’t play, but this is a small number and even if I have to rip the DVDs again, it a small price to pay for having the above features working.

I  haven’t bothered to check out the extra services - my Internet connection is slow and a lot of the services are not available where I live, so I’m only interested in Tunein radio which still works well.

Thank you WD for finally making the audio media functions work pretty well. So this version of the firmware proves that WD can add new functions whilst improving or fixing some of the existing basic functions.

The Mobile App is a nice extra as well.

Happy holidays to everybody and especially the developers at WD.

Thank you.

LOL, agree, this firmware is a nice update for me.

Nice Chrismas Gift from WD!

I’ve just found another bug that seems to have been squashed! With the Media Library OFF files used to play back in the wrong sequence. If I started with track one, track one would play twice, then the tracks would play back in the correct sequence. If I started with any other track, the hub would play that track then jump back to track one and play everything from the beginning again.

Now with this latest firmware the files playback as expected :smiley: This and the listing of FLAC files in reverse order were two really annoying bugs that seem to have been fixed finally. Of course now that the Media Library is working a lot better, I don’t need to switch it off. But thanks for fixing the bug anyway :smiley: