2x My Book Elite - Connection problem

Hi everyone.

I recently bought 2x My Book Elite (2 TB), and they are working just great.

But, I can’t seem to have both connected on the same time.

When i connect  them both, only one can be accessed.

I have the most recent firmware on both of them (v2.010).

When both is connected, one can be accessed but the second one is not possible to access. When i go into Disk Management (Win 7 x64) the disk don’t seem to get a partition drive letter. And when i right click on the drive every choice is grayed out. when i go into WD SmartWare the disk that i’m not able to access is marked with “No writable WD SmartWare partition found”.

It’s always the first disk to be connected that is accessible. the second drive is none accessible.

When i connect them one by one, they get the same partition drive letter.

The problem seem to be that both drives gets the same partition drive letter. i have tried to change them back and fourth but no luck so far.

Anyone got any idea how to deal with this problem ?

Try repartitioning and reformatting one of them.  That should do it.

Hi SpeedySpyro. I have the same problem. I have the same OS, the same hard disk. If you have any solution, please contact me at yaren@quartieridifabula.eu or in this discussion and vice versa. Thanks in advance

I found the solution, i right clicked to the left of the disk space indicator. And i clicked on “Online”.

The picture shows where i right clicked. I have already done it so it says Offline in the picture.

Anywho that fixed it for me.

OK speedySpyro! This was a joke! however, all is resolved. thanks and goodbye.

Mine aren’t the Elite, but I am having the same problem. I tired to click where you did, but there was no option for Online/Offline.

If you look better at the Speedy’s image you’d see that this options are located at Management Console. However, I write the path:

control panel / system and security / Administration Tools / computer management / disk management

then, you click on the disk of interest and click online

I hope this helps

Just wanted to thank everyone for the help.  Wow!  I especially appreciate the path by Yaren that took me to disk management.  Thanks!