2x 2TB RAID 0 - WD2001FASS


I just received two 2TB WD2001FASS drives with which I would like to set up a RAID 0 for my data.

The OS is Windows 7 64-bit installed on a 64GB SSD drive, and the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R.

This computer will be used for Video edition, that’s why I am thinking of a RAID 0 in order to have decent data transfers even with big video files.

During the RAID installation steps, I am asked to choose the size of the stripe blocks, from 4KB up to 128KB.

I read that the biggest the files you are dealing with, the fastest it is using as big blocks as possible.

Is that right to use a 128KB block size then?

On another hand comes the Advanced File Format, with a sector size of 4KB.

Are my WD2001FASS drives compatible with that kind of formating?

If yes, will it be better to set stripe blocks of 4KB for the RAID 0?

Any input will be much appreciated :slight_smile:



Nobody knows?

Stupid question?