2TB WD laptop drive replacement

With the new 2 TB laptop HDD:

Western Digital Green WD20NPVT 2TB IntelliPower 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive

I have 2 hubs and prefer not to have a external drive and I am just running out of room loading my DVD collection on the 1TB drives

Can I replace the 1TB WD blue laptop drive with a new 2TB WD laptop drives?

I dont see why not, Current limit that the hub can see is 3TB drives

Isn’t there some difference in the height/thickness of the drives? The one you have mentioned I think is 15mm. So you might want to check that spec out before you buy one. I can’t remember how thick the 1tb we have is.

Ya it is


I have opened my 3 Hubs and they are not like laptops with extremely limited space. I can easily buy adapter stuff to slip in a thicker laptop HDD.

Added note

Have opened all 3 of my Hubs (1 hub has a startup problem) have a lot of space in a Hub unlike a laptop.


I have tried to install non WD blue smaller HDD in the Hubs and they would not power up.

It used to be that only WD drives would work but somebody said that was not true with later firmware.

Here is a picture of the Hub’s 2.5 inch drive – the slowest one WD makes.  Notice model number in top right corner of drive.

HUB drive-2 .JPG

I changed out drives on all 3 Hubs last year and had problems running non blue WD drives.

It would be nice to slip in a new 2TB green drive.

My 2 working hubs have updated firmware I guess I can pull one apart and try installing a non WD blue drive again.

On firmware loads

I usually do a quick review of what is loaded and I don’t remember seeing software to allow any HDD.

 Memphis3 wrote:

I changed out drives on all 3 Hubs last year and had problems running non blue WD drives.

It would be nice to slip in a new 2TB green drive.


Before you or anyone else goes out and buys a “green” drive, from WD, Seagate, or anyone else because you think you will save money, or the planet – or both –  you might want to read this article:


I think as far as the whole “green” thing goes, we’re all getting the shaft. All “green” means to me is someone has a good scam going and the “green” is in their pockets! If you want to save the planet you don’t have to go “green” to do it.

@ flhthemi

Interesting, although my message about green drives was not meant to be a political or environmental position statement at all.  Therefore, it ought not invite such further comments such as that above.  We are discussing WD media players here, drives connected to them, etc. and not ways of “saving the planet”.

It was ONLY posted to point out that when it comes to hard drives, “green” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Green drives (at 5400 RPM) may possibly save a FEW cents a year in electric costs, but in so doing, they give up a lot of performance over a 7200 RPM drive.  Suggest that anyone interested in what Seagate had to say about this (and why they’ve quit producing green drives) should read the link I provided.


Sorry…got carried away.