2TB WD Elements not working

I have a 2-yrs old 2TB WD Elements external hd. I reformated it to FAT32, filled it with video files and used it for a year. Then I opened the external enclosure to take out the WD Caviar Green WD20EARS, and put it in my Win7 64bit desktop, to make file tranfering faster.

All seemed well until 2 months ago, when I took it out of the PC and put it back in its external enclosure. It cannot be recognized, Window Disk Management said the drive is not initialized. WD Quick Formatter failed to reformat the external drive. Acronis True Image WD Version also failed to show the drive. I also used Minitool Partition Wizard, which showed the drive as a bad disk. I also tried to do the tasks in a 32bit Vista without success.

With all these troubles and many attempts, when I connected the WD20EARS back throu SATA internally, it was fine; all files remained. I could delete partition or reformat it.

I never drop the drive. It`s still spinning quiet. No abnormal clicks and no excessive heat.

Someone please help me regain it`s external usage. If you experience the same problems, please post them here. My guarranty has expired.

Do you remove a circuit board to connect internally? Maybe the board or USB cable is the probelm.


I only unplugged it from the external enclosure (the Data and Power slots) and plugged it in the SATA and the power inside the PC. I changed to differents SATA and plugged back in the external. Same results.