2TB WD Black SN850 Random lock up issue - potential failure?

Hi guys,

My gaming rig has been playing up for a while now, very randomly though, so difficult to pinpoint. I’m working my way through my components trying to get to the bottom of a bit of system instability and its just dawned on me that everything started going awry when I upgraded my SN850 nvme from 1 to 2tb…

Yesterday for example, and before anyone asks - my rig is all stock and very well cooled, I had a browser window running and Teamviewer session going - that was it. Then things started to hang… I couldn’t even shutdown in the end, had to force it. I still had mouse cursor but everything else gradually started to freeze.

The upgrade was only a couple of months back so the drive is still under warranty - is there anyway of accurately testing nvme’s for errors?


A SSD with problems ???
If there is a problem… most likely it’s caused by Windows.
Better testing your Windows-program for erros.

Are you saying that you’ve never had a drive fail? Lucky you if that’s the case, unfortunately I’ve seem plenty…

I’ll find out for sure soon enough as I have a replacement arriving tomorrow.

… problem solved ?

So far, so good… Fingers crossed :wink: