2TB WD Black Cavair out of Warranty

I have recentyly Purchased 2TB WD Black from Mumbai’s one of old & famouse Online / retail Shop whose serial No is WMAVWP0399484. When I tried to registered the product it shows out of  Limited Warranty,

Do I eligible to claim Warranty ?

The store peple says they will provide warranty if any thing goes wrong

what should I do?

Please dont post serial numbers. What is the exact model number of the drive did it come in a factory sealed antistatic bag or was it folded over with a sticker on it. What does it say on the sticker on the drive for firmware version. If it was a new drive it would have 5 years warranty. If it was a branded oem drive it would have had one year. If it is out of warranty it cant be a new drive make sure you typed in the right serial number to check. If it does turn out to be out of warranty, I am sure that store wont help you for 5 years so I would return it.

I just also purchased a 1TB WD Blue from New Egg in a sealed static bag. I ge the same message that its out of warranty. WTH ?


Ok, here is what happened. I wrote down the serial off the drive entered it and it kept coming up out of warranty. I ran the Data Lifeguard proggy and copied the serial from there. The serial from the program had 2 extra numbers on the end of the string that are not on the drive. Strange but Im happy again and registered along with all my other WD drives. SWEET

Drive was mfg on 7/18/12 so I was really scratching my head. LOL

Case closed for me :happy: