2TB USB3.0 WD MyBook Essential selective with computers?

Hey there,

I have an external HD that is described in title that I’ve been using for the last year with my gaming laptop and I recently tried switching over to using it on my new Desktop. Even after the necessary drivers have been installed, my HD only connects for a few minutes after accessing it before it just randomly disconnects and gives me the “USB Device Not Recognized” Windows message.

This is especially annoying when trying to copy files or access music as it just randomly becomes unreadable. Yet, it runs as it should and normal for hours still on my laptop. Its not the cable, scans including the WD one read that the drive passes and is stable, and the USB3.0 ports on the new computer work perfectly fine with flash drives. This is frustrating me to no end…

Can somebody please help me understand how I can get it to work on more than just the initial system it was set-up on so that I may continue to enjoy using this HD instead of having to buy another from a different company?

P.S. Probably should also mention that both computers run Windows 7 Home Premium and are totally up to date with all drivers.

Hi, if you haven’t downloaded the SES drivers, you can try that, also be sure to have the latest USB 3.0 drivers for your computer. 


Same problem here with both WD HDU’s (my book essential and passport)

connection is dropped and then reconnected about 5 times a minute. even get :

“you need to format this drive message”

ASUS laptop  N73 windows 7 home premium  64bit

this has a Fresco Logic xHCI   FL1000 usb3 controller, changed all the drivers didn’t help

There seems to be a bigger problem with USB3.so 0 and the way it is handled in Win7.

there is more on this issue in other forums

USB2.0 works flawlessly with all the WD HDU’s.

So harddisk and hardware seem ok.

This seems to be related to usb3.0 robustness.

still have to try other usb3 devices and see if this is better.

hope this is sorted any time soon, and until this time keep the reliable usb2

Use the 3.0 slot for the mouse now, and it is really quick :wink:



the Netherlands