2TB Passport shows only 32GB storage available

I’m trying to create a full system backup on my PASSPORT but it only shows that there is 32GB of storage available. Help please.

Sounds like your 2TB Passport is formatted FAT32 which Windows formats to a Maximum size of exactly 32GB

Format your 2TB Passport to either NTFS or exFAT for 2TB capacity size.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that tomorrow.

I’ve tried formatting NTFS and exFAT many times and keep getting the msg. that it was unable to format.

Try this, clean the disk using Diskpart then use Disk management to partition the disk as GPT/NFTS or GPT exFAT.

Still no success. I downloaded the WD Drive Utilities and the drive passed the SMART status check and the Quick Drive Test. Tried the Complete Drive Test and it failed. ???

Thanks, I’ll try this shortly.

I just finished trying this and “it seems” that DiskPart has done the job. NOW I find out that the drive (2TB) is just slightly shy of enough space to do the system backup. Thanks so much for you assistance. Now I guess I’ll do some shopping.

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