2TB Passport - Operating standing on side/edge?


If I have 10 Passport drives in a row - standing on their sides - does this have a negative impact on operation or product life?

Or are the Passport drives best stored and operated while laying flat on its underside feet?

The drives obviously aren’t being used all at the same time – I’d just like to store them next to each other on their sides to take up less desk space and avoid the hazards of stacking them like a vertical tower, then plug in the cable to whicher I need to access at the time.


I lay mine flat. Just tipping one over is enough to damage one.


Yeah, I’d never stand just one on its side alone.

10 together creates a pretty stable block of drives.  Mainly concerned whether operating them on their sides can do damage.

I see that past models have had official docks, where the drive slots in vertically, so I would assume that its safe to do the same with the new gen.

Any word whether the new generation will get an official (or unofficial) dock?