2TB Mycloud as NFS server for RSYNC from Linux server TIMES OUT

Hello again everybody,

I purchased as 2TB Mycloud device and set it up with NFS to mount to my Linux Server.  When I do any sort of large backup over NFS to it, the device times out - then the NFS device doesn’t respond and I have to kill the NFS process and start over.  I want to do a nightly sync but this keep hanging during the process.  I’ve changed the /etc/exports on the mycloud device to export is as async vs sync so it is faster, but that alone did not seem to help.  Any ideas on how to resolve the timeout/hanging?

Thanks a lot!

Setup a rsync daemon either on the WD cloud or on your linux server. Then simply rsync to it using its IP address. No need to mount the drive on the computer.

I’m also running rdiff-backup however.  This is so I can do incrementals.  I’m having the problem with this too.  Any other ideas?

I think rsync itself can only sent “diff” data i.e only sent modified blocks instead of whole files.

Hopefully I found a solution based on a previous post about NFS being broken in the latest OS on the NAS device.  I set my mount options as follows:

mount -o soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/nfs/Public $HOME/nfs/

It slows down the read/write but so far it’s been running without hanging or timing out.

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