2TB MyBookLive - Windows 7 backup - Access Denied

I’m a Newby so please be gentle. I have a 2 TB network drive and have set up 4 users and 3 shares - all users have access to all shares. I have setup W7 Backup to access the network drive \MybookLive\ Share1 and added one of the users inc password. When running the backup I get “access denied” I have also tried setting up the same user as my pc login onto the network drive - still no joy. Also tried backing up to Public without success I can navigate from my pc to the network drive - create and delete files / folders in the share account i am trying to do the backup to and have run out of ideas. BTW. I also have a mac running timeshare to the same network drive and a different share and this works just fine! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’ve even re-loaded the installation CD just to make sure

HI there, try to create a new private user with a private share. Windows Backup needs to ask for a user and a password to be able to access the share on the MBL.