2TB MyBook Drive self-destructed while idle

My 2TB Mybook just started erasing itself this afternoon and became unresponsive and unrecognizable by my Macbook pro.

It had just finished rendering a small DVD file, and I left it sitting idle, when I noticed the hard drive fired up and starting making a strange cyclic sound.

I immediately quit all applications, but the damage was done.

Now I’m facing a bill of between $700-2000 to have it taken apart by data recovery experts in toronto.

I have had hard drive failures before with WD drives in my PC years ago, so I switched to using Seagate drives.

I gave WD another chance because this drive was suppose to be robust, and great for video editing. If my data is unrecoverable, it will have cost me more than just a repair bill - my clients & my reputation as well.

I will never purchase another WD product ever again.

If anyone has had similar issues or knows what might have caused the drive to spontaneously self-destruct… would be interested to hear it

First time I see this on here, what surprises me is the fact that even though you have had drive failures in the past you still didn’t have a backup…


Hard drives, such as cell phones, Ipods, are electrical devices. They could fail as any other device. You need to backup your information on at least two media devices.