2TB My Passport

I have two My Passport 2TB hard drives – a white one and a black one.
Both serial numbers check out as authentic.
My question – the white hard drive is substantially heavier than the black one – why?

If the Model Numbers are the same (apart from the color code), then they should weigh the same. example:

WDBS4B0020BBK-WESN … (2TB My Passport … BK = Black)

WDBS4B0020BWT-WESN … (2TB My Passport …WT = White)

if you’re comparing different models of the same capacity and same product range, there can be differences due to manufacturing and technical process. (eg. older drives PMR, newer drives SMR)

Thank you for your reply.
The models you pictured are the ones I own – one black, one white – both 2TB.
Both have the same WD software and report as 2TB drives on Windows 10.
According to Amazon these drives weigh about ½ lb. but the my older, white one feels substantially heavier than the black.
Amazon also states that although cosmetically identical, there were two versions of this hard drive.
My concern was that the black one was a fake.
After reading your reply, and ignoring caution, common sense and probably violating the warranty, I opened the black one. Inside was a WD hard drive with a 12-3-18 manufacturing date. I guess it is authentic.
Thanks again for your input.

you should actually try to weigh them on some digital scales instead of trusting how it “feels”

i own a set of digital scales and am constantly surprised (and wrong) in guessing what something weighs when posting items for sale on ebay