2TB MY PASSPORT was locked

When it was last in use the MyPassport external drive had the lock/unlock function in use. My system would show an f: drive as “WD Unlocker” & after entering the correct password the the “My Passport” drive would appear as drive G: & was useable.

I am going to put the drive back in use as a place to do mirror image backups of the SSD and C: drives. Is it safe to remove the four filesfolders associated with the f: drive  -  i.e.folder  - Extras;   folder - Locale;  file  - autorun & application file- WD Drive Unlock. I do not believe any of the commercial backup programs will navigate through “WD Unlocker” without assistance.


You may delete all the folders inside the external drive. These folders are not necessary for the drive to operate. 

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