2TB My Book not recognized by SmartWare

I recently (less than two weeks ago) bought a 15" MacBook Pro and a 2TB My Book for Mac.  There was a physical issue with my Mac (one of the screw holes was misbored) so Best Buy exchanged it with a brand new one.  I used the SmartWare that came with my My Book to back up my Mac before I returned it to BB.  I also took the original files on the drive and copied them to my desktop.  This was all backed up on the My Book.  Now I have my new Mac and I have downloaded the SmartWare, but the SmartWare won’t recognize my My Book.  The My Book is mounted on my desktop, so I don’t know what the issue is.  I want to retrieve my backed up files from my old Mac, but I don’t know the best way to go about it.  Any help is much appreciated.



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does the swstor folder show up on the my book with you double click on the drive?  if so, navigate down through the folder to make sure that there is data in the folder.  secondly, does the drive show up in the home tab of smartware?  if not, then you may need to uninstall smartware and reinstall with the latest version.  if nothing works, then you may need to manually copy and paste your data from the swstor folder to your computer.