2TB G-Drive Mobile with USB-C?

I would like to get a G-Drive Mobile with USB 3.1 Type C. However, I need a 2TB drive which doesn’t exist yet - the largest is 1TB - but which I imagine is coming down the pipe.

Does anyone have an idea when these will be available?

I’ve recently asked also about newer drives with USB-C connectivity - as well as EV Dock compatibility

Was told ‘Sping 2017’ for new USB-C drives

Thanks for the info. But actually I already bought the 2TB USB 3.0 G-Tech mobile drive - didn’t want to wait any longer.
I’m using it as a Time Machine backup for my Macbook, which has 2xUSB 3.0 ports. I figure when I replace my Macbook, more than likely I will get a laptop with a larger internal drive, which means I will also need to replace my Time Machine drive. At that point I can get a USB-C drive, and probably won’t use the G-Tech drive any more. So I figured it wasn’t important to have a USB-C drive right now.