2TB EXT HD Mac no longer recognized

Hello out there! My I am running a Macbook 10.6.4 My EXT. HD is about 9 mos old. It was working fine and then a few months ago it was not able to be read my laptop, no icon no nothing. Unplugged EXT HD and restarted laptop, nothing. Left it alone for a few days and when I plugger it back in it was fine. Now it has gone off again and it has been over a wek and there seems to be no way of bringing it back. ANy ideas.


try it on another mac.  I would also consider contacting wd to get a power booster cable.  unless the drive is making noise - clicking or grinding - it’s most likely a power issue.  however, I would also check disk finder when it’s not showing up.  if it shows up there, you may have some file corruption that’s preventing the system from seeing the drive.

Hi Wayne and thanks for the input. Now that you mention it, when it is not recognized by the laptop, it does click and grind. Whats up with that?


that’s most likely a power issue.  you may need a power booster cable.  however, clicking and grinding can mean that the drive is going bad, as well, though.  get the power booster cable, if that doesn’t fix it, then you may have a bad drive.

Agreed, the “Y”-shaped booster cable will be an everything-or-nothing on this case.