2TB Element, broken usb port

Hello, I got this Western Digital 2TB Desktop hard drive a while back (it just ran out of warranty) and as I was pluging in the usb cable the usb port in the HDD it broke off :angry: I’m mainly using it on my ps3 so I had to format it from the start.

I have opened it up to have a better look and the usb port is completely off and by looking at the usb port, it still has 2/5 of the things on the back tht connects to the usb adapter (I think that’s what it’s called).

Will getting a new usb port and super gluing it to the usb adapter without solding work or it soldering required or do they just need to be touching. If this will work what type of usb port will I need to buy.

If the above doesn’t work, could I get rid of the usb adapter and then put the hdd in a new hdd enclosure, and if it does work would this way be able to play on the ps3?

I’m not sure completly but I believe that you will need to weld the usb port.

I think a different enclosure might be my best bet here to prevent the same thing happening twice. Will getting a new enclosure change the format of the drive and will I still be able to connect through the PS3.

Please answer this question as quick as possible.

Edit: What type of enclosure will I be needing if the above works.