2TB Caviar Black WDBAAZ0020HNC-NRSN, it's dying... I think

Programs randomly freeze up, it often takes forever to open things, chkdisk reports 1956 KB in bad sectors, WD LifeGuard can’t get passed the first part of the test and a few other disk checking programs fail before step 2 as well. The strange thing is that the SMART data says the drive is ok.

The extended test gives me this:

Model Number: WDC WD2001FASS-00W2B0
Unit Serial Number: WD-…
Firmware Number: 05.01D05
Capacity: 2000.40 GB
Test Result: FAIL
Test Error Code: 08-Too many bad sectors detected.
Test Time: 18:03:09, May 30, 2014

If the drive is about to die, this will be the third WD drive in a row that I’ve had fail on me. I’m going to RMA this one because it’s still under warranty but I’m seriously leery about the new drive being any good. I have two Maxtors as extra HD’s that have been working for more than six years without any problems, but so far I’ve had 0 luck with every single WD I’ve tried.

The software was not able to repair the sectors on the unit.

It’s recommended to replace the drive since still under warranty.

As already stated.

Your drive have swapped bad sectors with the factory spares and now they have runned out (the G-List is full) and as so your chkdisk and other user-level software will see “bad sectors” on the drive.

This might be due to platter degradation or heads problems.

Again as stated, get it replaced as soon as possible and don’t forget to backup all of your data.