2T WD2003FZEX Black makes a lot of noise - passed tests

I bought a new 2T drive, cloned my old 500GB WD black and every time a new drive accesses anything, it makes a lot of noise. I checked its health, it passed both tests including extensive one. I’m not comfortable with so much grinding noise coming from a hard drive. Is it expected?

I bought this drive from Amazon and I guess I still can return or exchange it.

Average reading speed for it ~140MB/s

Access time is 13ms

My old 500G Caviar Black ( WD5002AALX ) bought in 2011 has an average reading speed of ~100MB/s and access time of 16ms but it is very quiet compared to this new monster.


Please see the following link. It might help you to identify the noise coming out of the drive.

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal