2nd WD My Book 4TB Hard drive connection problems

I am trying to now connect a 2nd WD MY BOOK 4TB Hard drive to our computer. My wife and I have one downstairs connected to the TV with the WD TV Live adaptor and wanted another up stairs in our room.

The problem I have the 2nd hard drive I am trying to use will not read off this computer while the other 4TB drive is still connected? Is there a problem with having 2 hard drives connected to the same PC? I need to have 2 connected so I can transfer movie files from one drive to the other.

I have installed as I normally would and have updated all software for the new drive but still with no luck it says that it is un writable so the computer does not recognise the 2nd drive. As soon as I unplug the original WD drive the computer recognises the new one, is this normal?




See if the following link helps.